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Special Roll

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    Volcano Roll $12.50

    California roll topped with scallope, crunch and cream cheese
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    Tuna Gomae Roll $10.95

    California roll topped with tuna and spinach with peanut sauce
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    Paradise Roll $11.50

    Deep fried california roll with seaweed salad, tobiko, cream cheese and spicy mayo on top
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    Lady Mango Roll $10.50

    Avocado, red beets & mashed yam roll with tropical mango
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    Sushi Pizza $12.50

    Salmon, ebi, tobiko & chill mayo on deep fried rice
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    Bacon Roll $9.95

    Deep fried roll with bacon, cream cheese & green bean
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    Beef Tataki Roll $10.50

    Avocado, crab meat in a roll with torched beef on top
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    Yummy Yam Roll $9.50

    Yam tempura,avocado topped with yam and special sweet sauce
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    Evergreen Roll $11.95

    A vegetarian roll made with sweet beets,& cucumber topped with avocado & mashed yam
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